Pope Francis

Sunday, 7 August 2016

God forgiveness

If God sends us on strong paths

7/8/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): We oppose hatred and destruction with goodness

5/8/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Good luck

God is like oxygen


Don't pay back evil for evil

Thursday, 4 August 2016

4/8/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): God’s forgiveness knows no limits

2/8/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): The secret to joy

31/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): bring the joy of the Gospel wherever you go

31/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Jesus speaks to you every day

31/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): God counts on you for who you are, not for what you have

31/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): God love us: no sin, fault or mistake can make Him change His mind

30/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Jesus is calling you to leave a mark on life that transforms your own life and the lives of others

30/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): God is inviting you to dream

30/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): We have come into the world in order to leave a mark

30/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Jesus seeks hearts that are open and tender toward the weak

30/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Jesus wants truly consecrated hearts that live by His forgiveness

30/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): I desire mercy, not sacrifice

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

29/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): take the lead in serving others

29/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Jesus embraces the nakedness, hunger, thirst, loneliness, suffering and death of all men and women of all time

29/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): works of mercy

29/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): in silence, with a caress and in prayer

28/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Jesus Christ encourages us to lift up our eyes

28/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): A merciful heart has the courage to leave comforts behind

28/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): The Lord loves to participate in the events of our daily lives

28/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): The Lord is amongst us

27/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): together!

26/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): spiritual fruits

25/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): let us offer the world a mosaic of many races, cultures and peoples united

25/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): I bless your journey

17/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Let us remember the elderly and the sick

15/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): I ask God to convert the hearts of the violent blinded by hate

O hábito de falar com Deus

Feed your faith

The Cross

Today's forecast

Sempre há um motivo para agradecer

His mercies

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

10/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): a time to rest and to restore the spirit

7/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): I do not stop praying for you

5/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): peace in beloved Syria is possible!

4/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): The summertime offers many people an occasion for rest

Prayer is a bridge

Unless you change

The Lord is my light

El amor de Dios

3/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Loving and forgiving as God loves and forgives

2/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): True joy which is experienced in the family is not something random and fortuitous

1/7/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): it is essential to educate and follow the luminous and demanding path of honesty