Pope Francis

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

God shows Himself to be lovable, full of goodness and gentleness

God loves to work wonders through our poverty

Jesus is the eternal Word of God

We are in great need of tenderness!

Saturday, 2 January 2021

World day of Peace

Peace can become a reality if we begin to be in peace with ourselves and with those who are near us

Teach us to find time for God and for others

Best wishes

The blessing and praise that the Lord loves the most is love of neighbour

For the many people who, without making noise, have tried to make the weight of this trial more bearable

He is the light of humanity shining in the darkness, giving meaning to human existence and all of history

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

The Son of God comes down from heaven and comes to earth to bring us to heaven!

We were thought of before we learned how to think; we were loved before we learned how to love

I pray in particular for those who have lost their lives and for their families

The Son of God was born an outcast, in order to tell us that every outcast is a child of God

Humanity’s ruin is that everyone goes their own way

A special year dedicated to the Family

Loving actions change history: even the ones that are small, hidden, everyday

Saint Stephan is the first martyr, the first of a host of brothers and sisters who continue to bring the light into the darkness

Gratitude to everyone, especially for the gift of prayer

May Christmas be an opportunity for all of us to rediscover the family as a cradle of life and faith, a place of acceptance and love, dialogue, forgiveness, fraternal solidarity and shared joy, a source of peace for all humanity

The Son of God consecrated familial love

In everyone, I see reflected the face of God, and in those who suffer, I see the Lord pleading for my help

We come from every continent, from every language and culture, with our own identities and differences, yet we are all brothers and sisters

To become resigned to violence and injustice would be to reject the joy and hope of Christmas

The birth of Jesus is the “newness” that enables us to be reborn each year and to find, in him, the strength needed to face every trial

Merry Christmas!

You, my Saviour, teach me to serve

This day, God amazes us and says to each of us: “You are amazing”

God came among us in poverty and need, to tell us that in serving the poor, we will show our love for him

The Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord

Christmas is the feast of God's love for us

Jesus shows us the way of tenderness to be close to each other, to be human

Hope and peace

Those who fail to view a crisis in the light of the Gospel simply perform an autopsy on a cadaver

Jesus does not wait until we are good to love us

Let us do something for someone who has less: not the umpteenth gift for ourselves and our friends, but for a person in need whom no-one thinks of!

Service means caring for the vulnerable members of our families, our society, our people

Signs of hope

I encourage you to dedicate time to prayer

Loving our neighbour as ourselves means being committed to building a world in which everyone has access to the goods of the earth, in which all can develop as individuals and as families, and in which fundamental rights and dignity are guaranteed to all

The confident expectation of the Lord allows us to find comfort and courage in the dark moments of our lives

The events of this year teach us the importance of caring for each other and creation

I ask God to inspire, in the hearts of all, respect for the life of our brothers

We are all sinners who need to be touched by God's mercy

To pray is to light a candle in the darkness

The time we are given to welcome the Lord who comes to encounter us

Poor and frail among us

Word of salvation

The current pandemic and climate change affect above all the lives of the poor

Blessing and gift

Hope and joy

Everyone is called to contribute with courage and determination to the respect for the fundamental rights of every person

A question of patience

150 years after the proclamation of St Joseph as Patron of the Catholic Church

“No” to sin and “Yes” to Grace

Thanks for your tenderness

We are converted to the degree in which we open ourselves up to the beauty, the goodness, the tenderness of God

Now Love in person awaits us

Come, Lord Jesus, make our distracted hearts watchful

Inclusion of the vulnerable must also entail efforts to promote their active participation

Inclusion should be the “rock”

We will train ourselves to be watchful


God’s grace changes lives

Slavery is rooted in a notion of the human person that allows people to be treated like an object

A life of prayer

Before meetings, studying, work, and before making decisions, in the important moments or times of trial: Come, Lord Jesus!

The firm rejection of the death penalty shows to what extent it is possible to recognize the inalienable dignity of every human being

He came down toward us

Praying and loving, that is what it means to be watchful

A continuous call to hope


We must always be careful to remain on the road

A saving Word


We do not live aimlessly and without destination

So that the violence might ceases

God is patient

A world without hunger, poverty, violence and war

When we pray, God grants us the grace we need

If we want a better world, that will be a peaceful home and not a battlefield, we all need to do a lot more for the dignity of each woman

Monday, 28 December 2020

Let us care for the needs of every man and woman, young and old, with fraternal spirit of care and closeness

We were not created to dream about vacations or the weekend, but to make God’s dreams come true in this world

Let us not give up on great dreams

His final wishes: the good we do to one of our least brothers and sisters – hungry, thirsty, strangers, in need, sick, imprisoned – we do to Him

World Youth Days

You can’t remain outside the places that are shaping the present and future

Thank you, contemplative sisters and brothers, because you are support for the weak, beacons that signal the port, torches that illuminate the dark night, sentinels who announce the new day

We reaffirm our support to human fraternity as the solution to erase violence, discrimination and hatred in the name of religion

Every child needs to be welcomed and defended

Sunday, 27 December 2020

The earth and its poor urgently demand a sound economy and a sustainable development

Everything that happens

An outstretched hand can always be enriched by the smile of those who quietly and unassumingly offer to help