Pope Francis

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Let us be careful not to have a perverse heart that leads to cowardice

The Spirit cannot be confined with simple reasoning

We draw patient and compassionate love

Today let us try to think of some gift we can offer freely

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Baptism is the best gift we have received

Smallness is freedom. One who is small is unencumbered and free from any urge to show off, and from any claim to success

The first step in prayer is to be humble

Thursday, 10 January 2019

The spirit of the world is conquered with the spirit of faith

Tears of compassion purify hearts and feelings

A reason for joy

Love means putting your heart on the line for others

Monday, 7 January 2019

Happy Christmas to our Christian brothers and sisters from the East

Sunday, 6 January 2019

The joy of giving

In silence, in prayer, and with the good works

We can be a gift of God to others

Our witness will bear fruit

To make peace is to imitate God

Our societies need “artisans of peace”

Bring the peace

Let us give thanks to God

Love, joy and peace

Tenderness and mercy to all those who are discarded by society

Let us commit ourselves to making the world more humane and worthy for the children of today and tomorrow

We see the face of the God who is Love

The blood of the martyrs

The Child lying in the manger

We can also become witnesses to humility, tenderness and goodness

Jesus is the light of the world, the light of our souls that drives away the darkness of hatred and makes room for forgiveness

Let us entrust ourselves to Our Lady

Light and tenderness

God enters history and does so in His original style: surprise

A time to make peace

Be like Saint Joseph: a man of dreams, not a dreamer

May our hearts not be closed

Come to teach us the way of prudence

Joy, prayer and gratitude

The secret of joy is living to serve

Listening. Before speaking, listen.

Even when we pray alone, we pray together


Protecting the peoples

With tenderness

Keep the faith

Every human person, created in God’s image and likeness, is a value unto themselves

Advent is a time to recognize the emptiness needs to be filled in our lives, a time to smooth the rough edges of pride

A heart totally centred on God

Loving God means serving our neighbour without reserve

If you want to share your faith through the word

Am I a Christian of words or deeds?

The beginning of faith is feeling the need for salvation

Make yourself humble, make yourself a servant of others

Advent is a time for renewing the faith

How much love can flow from a heart thanks to the remedy of a smile!

Let us lift the veil of indifference that weighs on the destiny of those who suffer

Advent is the time to welcome the Lord who comes to meet us

Only by the daily exercise of forgiveness can a family grow

Let us ask the Lord for the grace to leave everything in order to go forward in proclamation and witness

Faced with the tragedies of life, we are called to look to the horizon

If the heart is crowded with other goods, there will be no room for the Lord, who will become just one thing among others

What state do I want the Lord to find me in when He calls?

Let us ask the Lord for the grace of being generous

Saturday, 5 January 2019

God chooses an uncomfortable throne, the cross, from which to reign by giving his life

We all have need for forgiveness

Men and women bear God’s image within and are the object of His infinite love

No one can despise the lives of others or one’s own life

On the way of service

Let us pray for all seafarers

Free, mature and responsible human relationships

Love manifests itself when it goes beyond one’s own self-interest, and when it is given without reservation

Let us ask for the grace to open our eyes and hearts to the poor

To be a follower of Jesus

Seek Him every day

It is not spectacular. It grows in silence, in hiding, through witness, prayer, and the attraction of the Spirit


The first step

Humble, gentle, servants

Sunday is a holy day for us

Solutions for the sustainable and integral development of all peoples

If you go to Him

Mercy with bearing witness

Praying means knocking at the door of a friend

The language of love

Jesus invites us to celebrate with Him

Let us commit ourselves with prayer and action to distance our hearts, our words and our deeds from all violence

Free love

Sunday Mass is at the heart of the Church’s life

A fixed anchor in heaven

Death does not have the last word

Let us strengthen the bonds of love and communion

Saturday, 15 December 2018

We need smiling Christians because they believe in love and live to serve

The Lord speaks to those who search

We are called to listen to what the Spirit tells us

May the Lord bless our steps

Faith is life: it is living in the love of God who has changed our lives

Forgive us if often we have not listened to you, if, instead of opening our hearts, we have filled your ears

You will build the future with your love. Together with others.

Bear with one another in love

Lord, let me know you and let me know myself

Health is not a consumer good, but a universal right

The Church that truly listens and that doesn’t always have a ready-made answer

Hope is not an idea, it is an encounter

The company of the saints helps us to recognize that God never abandons us

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Join Caritas and walk 1 million kilometres together with migrants

The "infectiousness" of love

God can act in any circumstance

Always with hope

The road of the disciple is one of poverty

Courage and perseverance to offer the best of ourselves to others

Salvation is a gift

Prayer, poverty and patience

All of us, without exception, are called to holiness

We are called to be living memory of the Lord

The well-mannered demon that lives within you and possesses you with the spirit of worldliness

Monday, 10 December 2018

Prayer requires commitment, constancy and determination

The newness of the Gospel

Contemplation and service: this is our path of life

Each of us is the wounded man

Pray For The Church

The gifts of dialogue and patience, of the closeness and welcome that loves, pardons and doesn't condemn

His message of salvation

The living Jesus

We ask for the grace to listen to one another

The presence of our Guardian Angel in our life is not just to assist us along the journey

We fly to Thy protection, O Holy Mother of God

The only anxiety that gives peace

Thank you Lord, for life, for your mercy, and for all your gifts!

St Michael, St Gabriel, St Raphael

When we discover that our spirit finds rest in God alone

Journeying towards holiness: the commandment of love