Pope Francis

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

All of us have spiritual infirmities that we cannot heal on our own

A message of fraternity

A future of fraternity

Gratitude to God

Keep the faith and hope

So it is for fraternity: it does not make noise, but is fruitful and grows

The response to war is not another war

A journey that involves our whole life, our entire being

A future of peace and prosperity that leaves no one behind and discriminates against no one

May women be respected and protected! May they be shown respect and provided with opportunities!

Christ is alive

He can raise our communities from the ruins left by hatred

God can bring peace

Hope is more powerful than hatred

The power of mercy

Love is our strength

To be blessed, we do not need to become occasional heroes, but witnesses day after day

Peace and light

Distribution of food for all

Where does the journey of peace begin? From the decision not to have enemies

Peace does not demand winners or losers, but brothers and sisters

Message of forgiveness, reconciliation and rebirth

Only if we succeed in regarding each other, with our differences, as members of the same human family

A pilgrim of peace

A Church of martyrs

Apostolic journey

A time to believe

Sad news

A God who loves humanity

The infinite mercy of God

The center of confession is Jesus

Monday, 3 May 2021

All of us are specialists in crucifying others to save ourselves

Vaccines for everyone, especially for the world's most vulnerable and needy people

I express my closeness to those who ill, especially the children, and their families

I am near

Remember, especially when we pass through a difficult trial, that the Lord is Risen and does not permit darkness to have the last word

I hope that more and more people of goodwill will cooperate to promote the common good, protect the lasts and develop a shared algorethics

Through recollection and silent prayer, hope is given to us as interior light, illuminating the challenges and choices we face

It is not a physical place, but rather an existential dimension in which we can be silent and listen

How generously, and sometimes heroically, they carry out their profession

Opening our hearts

We Christians recognize Christ in each human being, so as to see him crucified in the sufferings of the abandoned and forgotten of our world

Fasting, prayer and almsgiving

The season of hope

Let us rediscover the fire of praise, which consumes the ashes of lamentation and resignation

Salvation is not an ascent to glory, but a descent in love

Lent is a journey of return to God

Brothers and sisters

This everything right now, does not come from God

In memory of twenty-one Coptic Martyrs

We will discover that God is a compassionate Father who always takes care of us

The weakest in first place

In complete and definitive communion of life

New ways to communicate the Gospel

Sunday, 2 May 2021

Jesus draws near with compassion

It carries the word to the most distant places

A crime

Especially to the poorest

Let us ask the Lord to grant health of soul and body to all those who suffer due to illness and the current pandemic

For the workers

We can pray at any moment, and during what happens every day: on the street, in the office, on public transportation, through words and in the silence of our hearts

All of us are responsible for the communications we make, for the information we share, all of us are to be witnesses of the truth

The true cure for the pandemic and the many evils that have affected us

Praying and fighting together

The victims of an economic system that, by maximizing profit, causes "the human person to be commotidized"

The drama of our brothers and sisters

The care they deserve

Sincerely available to serve the common good

Let us to allow Jesus to heal us

Let us promote the necessary treatments so that no one will be left behind

The worth of every human person, always and everywhere

Fraternity is the new frontier for humanity on which we need to build

UN Secretary General António Guterres, and Latifah Ibn Ziaten, Foundress of the Imad Association for Youth and Peace, winners of the 2021 Human Fraternity.

Let us pray and work each and every day so that everyone might live fraternally together in our world

So that our lives might become a spiritual sacrifice offered to God

Always try to sing in unison

May our eyes see the light of salvation and bring that light to the whole world

Degradation of all humanity

World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly

The pandemic has confirmed how necessary it is to protect the right to health for the weakest

Enlightening, healing, consoling

The Lord looks for us where we are, he loves us as we are

Every human life, unique and unrepeatable, is priceless

Friendly dialogue with everyone, just as they are

A person who prays

Being attentive

We are precious in his eyes, and that he holds us in the palm of his hand

We are branches of the same vine, we are communicating vessels


It is a love letter

May the Word of God lead us in turn to sow hope through closeness to others

Do not be afraid, I am with you. I am at your side and I will always be there

He speaks to people in the most ordinary times and places

His word has the power to change our lives and to lead us out of darkness into the light

The word is effective only if it is “seen”, if it engages us in experience, in dialogue

In order to tell the truth we need to go and see, listen to people and confront reality

Our good example is fundamental

A world without nuclear weapons

Each one of us Christians is a branch of the one vine which is Jesus

Jesus opened the way for us by praying

The world will not believe because of our convincing arguments, but because we have borne witness to that love that unites us and draws us near

Unity is a gift

Abiding in the Lord means finding the courage to step outside of ourselves to take care of others

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

May the Lord console and sustain the efforts of all those who are engaged in bringing aid

The design that God has for each one of us is always a design of love. And the greatest joy for every believer is to respond to that call, offering one’s entire being to the service of God and the brothers and sisters.

We are always on a journey in life. Let us choose the path of God!

In each act of service we perform, God manifests Himself

Monday, 19 April 2021

This is how we can lift others up: not by judging, not by suggesting what to do, but by becoming neighbours, empathizing, sharing God's love

In difficult and dark moments let us find the courage to praise the Lord

Each one of us is priceless and unique in history

Sunday, 18 April 2021

A society is all the more human to the degree that it cares effectively for its most frail and suffering members, in a spirit of fraternal love

It is a beautiful message that reveals the greatness of daily life

Violence is always self-destructive

Forgiveness and of redemption

This is our deepest identity

Children of God

We must bring the good news to the world

Be generous, supportive and helpful, especially towards those who are vulnerable, the sick, those unemployed or experiencing hardship

Our peace and our hope

Seeking to always bring fraternity among your peers

Joy and wonder

When we lift up our eyes to God, life’s problems do not go away, but we feel certain that the Lord grants us the strength to deal with them

We have to “lift up our eyes”: not to let ourselves be imprisoned by those imaginary spectres that stifle hope

At the service of human fraternity