Pope Francis

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Listen and other ways to show people Christ

You worry too much

When we pray

I pray

Serra da Estrela, Portugal

A solução

Vá até Deus

29/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Jesus conquered evil at the root: he is the Door of Salvation

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Prenez l'humilité comme tenue de service

"Bien-aimés, vous tous,
les uns envers les autres,
prenez l'humilité comme tenue de service." (1 Pierre 5)

Survive the storm



28/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Before the abysses, only God’s infinite mercy can bring us salvation

27/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Christian hope is a gift that God gives us

26/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Let us break open our sealed tombs to the Lord

25/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): families are an opportunity

24/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): witnesses to love and peace

23/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Be brave and go against the tide!

22/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): A true ecological approach

21/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Climate change represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity today

20/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): To form a family is to be a part of God’s dream

19/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): to see others not as enemies to be opposed but as brothers and sisters to be embraced

18/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): We pray for the earthquake victims in Ecuador and Japan

17/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): the compassionate gaze of Jesus, who forgives us and calls us to follow Him

16/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Today is Benedict XVI’s birthday

15/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Refugees are not numbers

15/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): In the darkest hours

Saturday, 23 April 2016

14/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Love is the only light which can constantly illuminate a world grown dim

13/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): The Lord’s presence dwells in families

12/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): The way of the Church is not to condemn anyone for ever

12/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): to everyone without exception

Friday, 22 April 2016

12/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): understand, forgive, accompany and integrate

12/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): prayer is something truly important

12/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): home is the place

Treat people the way God treats you

I thank God

Fill me

Thursday, 21 April 2016

11/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): The family is where we first learn to listen and share, to be patient and show respect, to help one another

11/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Children are a wonderful gift from God

11/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Fidelity has to do with patience

11/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): to forgive and feel forgiven

11/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): The divorced who have entered a new union should be made to feel part of the Church


10/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): a place for the poor

10/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): a child is not an accessory or a solution to some personal need

10/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): the utterly gratuitous dimension of love

10/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Love enables us to see the great worth of a human being

10/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): we must learn to imitate Jesus’ own gentleness

Prayer is a lifestyle


Lord, fill me up


Sunday, 17 April 2016

9/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): a light in the darkness of the world

9/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): the message of love and tenderness

9/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): to love and to teach how to love

9/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): No one can think that the weakening of the family will prove beneficial to society

9/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): People with disabilities are a gift

8/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): The family is a good which ought to be protected

8/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): The welfare of the family is decisive for the future of the world

8/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): for every family that experiences difficulty or suffering

8/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): The Joy of Love

8/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): The family is the place

Saturday, 16 April 2016

7/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): gratuitousness, solidarity, spirit of service

6/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): every moment becomes a chance for us to grow in holiness

5/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): the truth, beauty and the life-changing power of the Gospel

4/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Christian faith

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

3/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Mercy is the bridge that connects God and man

2/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): To be merciful

1/4/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Passing through the Holy Door

31/3/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): migration

Monday, 11 April 2016

Saturday, 9 April 2016

29/3/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): the real face of God is love and mercy

28/3/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Every Christian is a bearer of Christ!

27/3/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Love, life, light

26/3/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): To live Easter means to enter into the mystery of Jesus

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

25/3/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Impress, Lord, in ourhearts the sentiments of faith, hope, love

Commit your work to the Lord

Even when no one

Cuidar das pequenas coisas constitui um caminho para tornar a vida mais agradável aos outros

Não faltam ocasiões de demonstrar o amor através do que é pequeno, do normal. Portanto, tu e eu vamos aproveitar até as oportunidades mais banais que se apresentarem à nossa volta, para santificá-las, para nos santificarmos e para santificar os que compartilham connosco os mesmos afãs quotidianos. (Amigos de Deus, nn. 8–9) 

São Josemaría Escrivá