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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Saturday, 26 November 2016

When some things go wrong


Kindness and compassion

Winter Cross

25/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): So many women are overwhelmed with the burdens of life and the drama of violence!

24/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): We have to break out of ourselves to encounter others

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Sunday, 20 November 2016

20/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): We entrust the life of the Church, all humanity, and the entire cosmos to the Lord

20/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): May the balm of mercy reach everyone

20/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): extraordinary time of grace

20/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): the Jubilee of Mercy

19/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): mercy toward our neighbour

18/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): If you want a heart full of love

17/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): It is not enough to experience God’s mercy in one’s life

16/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): We don’t have to go far or come up with grand projects to be charitable

15/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): a revolution in the world!

14/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): the virus of indifference

Sunday, 13 November 2016

13/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): to find God

12/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Lord, help me to thrust open the door of my heart!

11/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): in our encounter with people in need we meet Jesus himself

Dear Friends, never forget that in our encounter with people in need we meet Jesus himself.

— Pope Francis (@Pontifex) 11 novembre 2016

10/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): We should never forget about beauty

9/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): dialogue, mutual acceptance and fraternal cooperation

7/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): something truer, more beautiful, greater

6/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): I pray that each one may open his heart

5/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Forgiveness is the essence of the love

4/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Let us be moved by God’s watchful gaze

3/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Christian life is a journey

2/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): pray for those who no one remembers

1/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): The Father watches over us

1/11/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): The saints have found the secret of authentic happiness

31/10/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): much more unites us than separates us

Saturday, 5 November 2016

31/10/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): help Christians be ever more united

30/10/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): the unity of all Christians

29/10/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Let us abbandon a language of condemnation

29/10/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): Let us abbandon a language of condemnation

28/10/2016 Pope Francis (@Pontifex): for our brothers and sisters