Pope Francis

Thursday, 6 August 2015

The practice of Humility - 56

Take Mary as your advocate and protectress to obtain from God the gift of humility.  St Bernard says that “Mary humbled herself more than any other creature; being the greatest of all, she made herself the least in the most profound abyss of her humility.”  Thus, she received the fullness of graces and was prepared to be the Mother of God.  Mary is also a tender and compassionate Mother; no one ever had recourse to her in vain.  Abandon yourself trustfully in her maternal bosom; implore her to obtain for you that virtue, so precious to her.  Do not fear that she will ignore you; no, Mary will ask it for you of that God who raises the humble and annihilates the proud.  Since Mary is all-powerful with her Son, she will undoubtedly be answered. Turn to her in all your crosses, in all your needs, in all your temptations.  May Mary be your support, may she be your consolation; but the first grace you must ask of her is holy humility.  Never keep still, never stop imploring her until she obtains it for you; never be afraid of troubling her too much.  Oh, how much she likes your persistent requests for the health of your soul and for being more acceptable to her divine Son. Press her to be always favorable to you; ask this in the name of her humility, by which she was elevated to the dignity of Mother of God, and in the name of her maternity, the indescribable fruit of her humility.

J. Pecci (later Pope Leo XIII)

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