Pope Francis

Saturday, 8 August 2015

The practice of Humility - 58

Frequent Confession and Communion will provide you with the most effective help to persevere in the practice of humility. In Confession, we reveal to a man like us the most secret and shameful miseries of our soul; it is the greatest act of humility that Jesus Christ demanded of his disciples. In Holy Communion, we receive in our heart God-made-man, debased for our love; it is a marvelous school of humility and a most powerful means of acquiring it. In it, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, meek and humble furnace of love and charity, will rest upon your heart. Then, ask him for humility with all the fervor of your soul; he will grant it to you. Go frequently to receive this love-worthy sacrament; as often as you go with the necessary dispositions, you will find the hidden manna, reserved only to those who seek it eagerly.

J. Pecci (later Pope Leo XIII)

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